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After studying Holistic Health subjects in the 1980's including Massage, Manual Therapy and Asian Medicine systems, Neil completed two Bachelors degrees with an emphasis on Physical Therapy, Philosophy & Transpersonal Psychology. 

While treating patient's in hospitals, home-care, a state penitentiary, chiropractic facilities, acupuncture clinics, medical offices, private practices and with world-class athletes in Boston, Colorado & Hawaii, he developed expertise in Myofascial Structural Integration, Pilates, Positional Release Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Electro-Acupuncture testing, Colorpuncture, Kirlian Photography, Vibro-Acoustic Therapy, Light-Entrainment, Mantra Meditation and other vibrationally-based healing methods. 

As a student and teacher of Mysticism and Alternative Healing for most of his life, Neil enjoys sharing insights into Quantum physics, Soul Travel, Eckankar, Dreaming, Past Lives, Spirituality and Vibrational Medicine.

Omega-Point Sanctuary was established as a vehicle to help others develop their own customized mind expansion studio. 





At 250 pages in length, 'Awakening Vibration' is Neil's 4th and most comprehensive book on the universality of the sound-current teachings, how they have survived for centuries and the transformational potential they offer all genuine truth-seekers. Discover the authentic nature of your immortal self; pure spirit composed of light and sound. Experience a remarkable change in awareness when you shift from a waking to a semi-wake state of consciousness and experience first-hand, the reality of the inner sounds, your inner higher-voice and the opportunity to connect with Mystic Adepts that meet spiritual explorers in the dream state and during Soul-Travel. Discover how to integrate Heart-Centered Wisdom, Knowingness and Beingness, as your third eye and imagination blossom. As you apply the virtues and learn to free yourself from attachments, you'll liberate yourself as you recognize your true identity, opening your Heart to new streams of love vibration, awakening and acceptance.




Have you ever been astonished by a striking and compelling coincidence, that you couldn't help but wonder if there was some kind of hidden order to the world around you? Did you ever think of a person, pick up the phone or start a text and suddenly, that same person was already on the other end texting or talking? Synchronicity is an uncanny timing of events that rises above pure chance. It can involve dreams at night as well as a wide range of waking dreams. This book is designed to help you uncover the nature of those bizarre coincidences. By understanding the language and symbolic nature of dreams, soul travel, hypnagogia and serendipitous events, you are at the precipice of learning a subtle language to help you in every facet of your life. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride of this incredible adventure in waking dreams.



After a prophetic dream of traveling inside the circuit pathways of a revolutionary electronic healing technology in the 1980's, Neil incorporated the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse in his treatment regimen when seeing patients with a wide range of orthopedic and neurological challenges over a twenty year period. This book explores the history of electricity in healing and elaborates on the science and efficacy of these amazing instruments for mind-body homeostasis.


In 'Breaking Through', Neil's first book, share in the author's auto-biographical journey as it takes you through the connectivity of medicinal plant-compounds, sound-current healing and Soul-Level communication with mystic adepts.








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'Omega-Point' is a term used by scientific and philosophical models to describe how the universe is evolving towards a transcendent unification or destination. An Omega Point Sanctuary is a self-directed, individually customized mind-expansion studio that applies these realizations to our personal growth and visionary capacity. 


Provides a synergy of Vibrational Healing technologies and mind/body awareness methods for enhancing heart-centered intelligence.

Integrates physics, physiology and energetic balancing with ancient wisdom and psycho-spiritual principles of self-actualization.

Decompresses ego-centered thinking while amplifying the latent knowledge and awareness of your Holographic-Identity.

Encourages a trans-personal union of your shadow-self and outer persona while integrating your Authentic-Self with your creative imagination.

Promotes neuroplasticity, accelerated learning and cognitive agility while improving rest, sleep, meditation, mindfulness and problem-solving flexibility.

Triggers inventiveness, peak performance, realizations, waking dreams and consciousness expansion while accelerating access to your inner temple.

Facilitates the relaxation response, healthy change, breakthrough ideas, innovation, insights, transcendence, personal transformation, pain relief and healing. 

Quickens your ability to manifest your dreams and fulfill your life’s purpose by emphasizing creative inspiration, vibrational sensitivity and visionary discovery.

Liberates your innate talents and potential while facilitating holistic clarity of your life’s journey with the intention of intuiting your own Omega Point. 

As you interface an open imagination with the quantum organized energy of nature, you become both the Alpha (the origin) and the Omega (the completion) of your own creation, enabling you to realize your highest calling towards wholeness and service to all life. 

















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Soon after the realms of locality, the universe of time & Space (the lower worlds of creation) were completed, there was a need for a pathway so the flow of Sound and Light could return to its source.  

The further the Sound and Light tumbled into the worlds of duality, the stronger became the pull into that pole of creation. This resulted in the Sound becoming increasingly bottlenecked, unable to flow upward. Eventually, a strong enough polarity built up in the worlds of locality that prevented the Sound and Light from ever escaping. 

To remedy this and to recirculate the Sound and Light so it wouldn’t be trapped in the worlds of locality for an eternity, a pole or state of non-local consciousness was established in the worlds of time and space, providing access to the worlds of quantum reality, from which all Souls have their origin. 

In the higher dimensions of quantum (non-localized) reality, Spirit is not divided into Light and Sound.  It does not even contain the merest breath of duality. However, visitors to this plane of action, worlds that transcend time and space, often perceive this divine current as Light and Sound. Soul is bathing in undivided Spirit (Unconditional Love), but the mind can only grasp it in terms of lower plane duality.


To introduce a non-local pole into the lower worlds, an exception to the laws of lower-world reality was imparted in such a way that a spark of an extraordinary expanded consciousness would encapsulate itself into the lower worlds of time and space. An individual Soul would be required to maintain this sphere of consciousness and it has been this way ever since the beginning of time. The Soul within this sphere could not be a puppet of the lower worlds. He would have access to higher states of consciousness at will, and occasionally bring the effects of these higher states into the physical realm if needed.


This sphere acts as a passageway between this physical dimension and the Heart of the Divine Itself. It is like a cable of energy, through which the Quantum Higher-Self of non-local reality can speak directly through the Soul that inhabits it. This unique sphere of consciousness is an added sheath that only one individual Soul can occupy at a time. Lengthy training is needed for this position.


This state of consciousness has been called by many names throughout written history. Frequently enough, false prophets make claim to this state of consciousness, often splintering off into small tribal groups and cults in various cultures worldwide. 

The order of the Bourchakoun, or Wayshowers or Mahantas or Vi-Guru’s are some of the terms used to describe the many Mystic Adepts throughout history who have assumed this unique position. 

In the teachings of Eckankar it is referred to as: The Order of ‘Vairagi’ Adepts or the order of Spiritual Travelers. The Soul who occupies this position serves all of life and all Souls, regardless of their religion, beliefs or experience in the physical world. 

“If the Vi-Guru looks upon mortal man with compassion in his eyes, that mortal shall be given the instant way into heaven. He shall find himself caught up in the twinkling of an eye into the Ocean of Love and Mercy.” The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad book one, page 9. 1987 ed.

“The lives of the saints from the ancient order of the Vairagi remind man that everyone can make his life sublime, while in the flesh.” The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad book one, page 22. 1987 ed.

In ancient times, the Vairagi adepts taught orally and inwardly. The teachings were rarely, if ever put in writing. The teachings were given mainly in the inner sanctum, meaning that it was given individually via an inner channel, often during the dream state or soul travel.

Currently, as always, the Wayshower maintains the positive pole of creation in the lower worlds. Without this avenue, Soul is unable to escape the sticky net of karma and reincarnation that keeps one trapped in the worlds of duality, either that of the Physical, Astral, Causal or Mental realms of consciousness. 

The mere presence of the Wayshower is a divine prod which awakens Soul to its ‘true identity.’ The Wayshower’s primary duty is to awaken Souls to their spirituality. This marks an individual’s First Spiritual Achievement or Passage. It’s also referred to as an Initiation. It brings with it a thirst to return to the Golden Kingdom, a heavenly realm, Souls true eternal home.

In an effort, to know more about him or herself as Soul, the primary task after this first achievement is to gain greater control of the lower bodies. We must master each of our sheaths rather than being clouded and hypnotized. 

When viewed from the awakened Soul perspective, life takes on greater clarity with each succeeding initiation or achievement. One begins to understand their reason for being. You begin to grasp who and what you are, your values, your motivations, and you begin to glimpse your destiny with greater clarity, vision and understanding.

Above all, Soul expresses a great joy, a joy that goes far beyond the refined emotional lift of the astral plane. This inborn joy is a profound and incomparable experience in the lower worlds of time and space. It embodies a love for all life, natural to the residents of the Golden Kingdom of the higher worlds. 

As Soul awareness unfolds, the desire to be in this expanded state for more than just fleeting moments begins to capture one’s passion. This yearning draws Soul to the positive pole of the universe, to the Wayshower, the Mahanta.

At first, one might feel this magnetic pull in one of the inner sheaths, without ever recognizing it. This could result in a meeting with the Wayshower in a dream or on one of the inner planes. In fact, Soul usually meets the Wayshower for the first time in the dream state. One may also be blessed to meet the Wayshower physically, though this is not always necessary. One can also connect to the Wayshower through one of his agents, such as a Maharaj (a Master) or a Mahdis (a higher initiate).

The Wayshower’s agents are found in every country, at every economic and social level, and in every religious teaching. Their duty is to support the Wayshower’s mission by promoting true spirituality for all.

After waking Soul up in the first spiritual achievement, it is the duty of the Wayshower to link Soul to the Light and Sound. This accelerates and eases Soul’s homeward trek. This linking is called the Second Spiritual Achievement.  In Eckankar, it is known as the second initiation. 

The Wayshower links up those who are ready, to the return flow. This is the Key to the journey home! Here Soul rediscovers the gift of divine love imparted at the beginning of Its journey. This love is now fused into Soul’s heart and made available to each of the lower bodies. The more aware the individual becomes of this gift, the more the love grows and becomes of daily, earthly use. This gift transforms not only the physical reality, but Soul’s astral, causal, mental, and subconscious realms as well. 

This link with the gift of divine love will glow in Soul’s heart regardless of how many more physical or non-physical sheaths It embodies. It prepares Soul to leave the physical consciousness as it proceeds on Its way home to the Golden Kingdom, those worlds beyond the dual universes. This link acts like an electrical switch inside the sheaths of Soul. 

Formerly, the subatomic particles in Soul’s lower bodies were aligned with the downward flow of Sound and Light. With each Spiritual achievement, the lower bodies become polarized toward the positive, and align with the returning spiritual current. Soul is literally magnetized to move toward home and God. 

This link-up only occurs after a lengthy purification process. Soul must discover Its Selfhood and ride the upward spiral of life for a time. Nevertheless, the ‘atomic’ direction of Soul’s sheaths remain aligned with the negative pole until the Second Achievement is attained. 

With the Second Achievement, the switch is activated and half the subatomic particles in the physical sheath realign with the higher worlds, where the Sound current originates. The remaining particles still point toward the negative pole. As consciousness unfolds, an increasingly greater percentage of these particles will make the switch. 

At the Third Spiritual Achievement, half the subatomic particles in the astral body realign themselves. This expands the return flow into the Causal Plane. 

At the Fourth Spiritual Achievement, half the particles in the causal body make the switch, extending the return flow into the mind realms.

The Fifth Spiritual Achievement allows the return flow to pass through the mental and subconscious bodies, reaching its destination in the Golden Kingdom of the Soul Plane, the first plane of pure spirit.

To understand the nature of subatomic particles, one must look at the atom differently than most scientists. Just as the physical body represents just a fraction of the vibratory continuum of your entire being, the physical atom is only one part of the true atom. 

The circuit manifested by the Second Spiritual Achievement neither adds nor takes anything from one’s atoms. Rather it, envelopes them in a new spiritual field of energy. Within this envelope, the one-way flow of Light and Sound is now able to make a U-turn and return towards the heart of creation. This return flow is the first step toward building a circuit between Soul and all Its lower bodies. 

It’s the coiled shape of DNA that encourages a U-turn, to initiate and facilitate this return flow in every individual.  It’s also been quantified by scientists that our DNA becomes more flexible from mantra meditation. Those that support the new discoveries in quantum physics also acknowledge the important connection between DNA and quantum reality. Lastly, decades of case studies in the realm of Life-Between-Life regression therapy illustrates the important quantum link that DNA has in the holistic picture of who we are. 

Our lower bodies swim in a sea of Light and Sound, whether seen or unseen. These currents nourish each body at its own vibratory level, carrying their expressions outward, not necessarily upward or inward.  

With the Second and higher Spiritual Achievements, a feedback loop is set up between the lower bodies, which eventually allows Soul ‘access to the information’ necessary to act with clear knowingness in all Its lower bodies. This feedback has many benefits such as linking the mind, heart and body into a harmonious unit, and establishes resonance among all aspects of the individual.

With each Spiritual Achievement, alignment is activated for the next subtle body. As the subtle body atoms become charged with greater degrees of spiritual current, they awaken and orient themselves to the return current of Light and Sound. The body begins to drop needless burdens of accumulation, untangle blockages, and resolve the karma associated with them. Thus, the individual’s mental, emotional, and physical expressions are uplifted to match his growing awareness. These adjustments are facilitated by the feedback loops created among all his bodies. With clearer feedback, one can move more swiftly toward the state of Soul awareness, while still retaining balance. The ideal is to operate from the vantagepoint of Soul, rather than from a jumble of the physical, emotional, or mental viewpoints.

The Second Spiritual Achievement touches off a much-needed karmic burn-off in the astral and physical bodies. This burn-off is fueled by the increase of Light and Sound now available to the astral body.

Let’s say an individual has a karmic lesson to resolve with dogs. In the burn-off process, he might get bitten. If the bite happened before a spiritual achievement was earned, the individual emotional (astral) body would likely respond with fear and anger, thus furthering the karmic relationship with dogs. However, through its new, direct links to the physical body and the Light and Sound, the astral body can now become aware of a higher purpose at work behind the dog bite. This added element uplifts the emotional response to a more holistic view or Soul-persepective. Although the bite may be just as painful, and the victim just as traumatized, he might instinctively realize the bite as a gift – a rebalancing of an old cycle or he might have a shift in understanding, in which responsibility is taken and blame is not placed on another. This insight is key to resolving karma, instead of deepening it. Now he can bless the situation and release it.


As Soul moves on to higher Spiritual Achievements, It has access to feedback at more refined levels. At the Fifth Spiritual Achievement, all aspects of the individual can directly access and benefit from the lower bodies’ returning energies. This circuit of inflowing and outflowing spiritual energies is complete.

Light and Sound pours directly into Soul from the higher realms of the Soul Plane and beyond. In turn, Soul can now circulate them through each lower body in service to all life. Thus, at the Fifth Achievement, Soul can emulate some of the gifts of the Wayshower, but within a much smaller scope of his own being. 

This ability to receive complete spiritual nourishment at increasingly higher vibratory rates is indeed a blessing that refines the nature and character of Soul, expanding and strengthening It. The goal for the individual is to become an open channel for as much inflow and outflow of Spirit (Divine Love) as possible.

At each Spiritual Achievement, more of the ‘lower bodies’ subatomic particles are aligned with the Soul plane. As an individual attains higher spiritual achievements, the parameters for balance become narrower. In other words, the consequences of our choices, actions and behaviors return home to roost at a quickened rate, thus teaching one to be more mindful at every step as this razor’s edge path tends to encourage.

When you are ready, nothing can keep you from the positive pole of the universe. However, there are steps one can take to be better prepared.


Hold your own picture of the Wayshower in your mind. Then say aloud or quietly to yourself, ‘Wayshower, I am ready to meet thee’. Repeat this invitation several times. Then allow yourself to daydream. Perhaps daydream about a favorite place or an enjoyable activity. Allow the daydream to take on a life of its own. Or simply let your mind drift until it picks up images that you feel are in tune with the idea of the Wayshower. When your daydream is over, attempt to write it down, even if there are only fragments. Later, contemplate on the meaning of what you have written. Ask what Spirit or the Wayshower is telling you. Attempt to unravel the message in each image; what did the dream symbols represent? Then take some action based on the understanding you acquired. Do this even if you only grasp one very small part of its overall meaning. For example, if the dream symbols point to a particular; place or acquaintance, perhaps you need to investigate that place, go there or contact the person, etc. It’s important to initiate some kind of; physical action based on what your daydream is telling or inspiring you to do. This daydream may not lead to direct contact with the Wayshower. But it may take you a step closer to finding him, or one of his agents, in the physical or inner worlds. It may help release attitudes that are delaying this encounter. Or it may attract experiences which strengthen your spiritual love, placing you in a better position to align yourself with the positive pole of the universe!

There are various techniques to build strength and diminish the negative effects of the Physical Plane forces. One way is to chant or sing the Holy Word ‘HU’. This is the same word you use to move your consciousness to the inner worlds. Singing HU imparts a spiritual vitality unmatched by any other mantra or heavenly word. HU lights up every atom of the body by establishing a clear connection to Soul. The purpose of singing HU is to reach into the heart of God, to connect with the highest state of consciousness – the God-state, and from there be uplifted. By singing HU daily, you can expand your awareness further and further into the inner worlds, giving Soul access to spiritual knowingness. This state brings help and answers to the daily struggles and questions of life, as well as upliftment and well-being for all aspects of the self. 

When you sing HU, the sound waves stimulate, awaken and recharge the magnetism of your blueprint spectrums. As a result, color rays that match the body’s original blueprints flow in. This influx of color rays, at the ideal ratio, helps the body adjust any distorted spectrums that are feeding it. As the HU enlivens one’s blueprints, it increases the inflow and outflow of Light and Sound through the atoms and, heightens one’s state of awareness. For best results, sing HU for ten to twenty minutes daily. 

The sound of HU, an ancient and previously secret name for the divine source of life itself, enlivens one’s blueprints in order to help the lower bodies adjust to the higher state of consciousness this sacred word provides. Singing HU and centering oneself in Soul awareness dissolves old patterns, particularly psycho-emotional grooves that are no longer serving ones’ highest interest. They are no longer enlivened by spiritual energy. The energy is redirected to a higher more refined ideal.

The flow of Light and Sound through these subatomic particles can be thought of as a river. Every so often the river rises, and once in-a-while it floods. As increased spiritual energy courses through an individual, it whittles away at his or her riverbanks. Eventually, these riverbanks relax and give way. As they do, the river widens, and a greater flow of Light and Sound nourishes the individual. The occasional flood occurs just before the individual enters the next level of unfoldment or spiritual achievement. After each new achievement, the pressure of a much stronger current gradually subsides. The individual becomes accustomed to the new rate and volume of flow. When it is time to prepare for the next level of unfoldment or spiritual achievement, the feeling of flow increases again. Each increase of flow brings with it a barrage of tests, designed to purify the lower bodies. The increase in spiritual energy magnetizes new experience for learning, growth, unfoldment and realizations.

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